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The Masterclasses, laboratories and conferences held in the splendid headquarters of the Palazzo del Podestà of Castell’Arquato , offer the opportunity to attend courses taught by different Masters, with master classes on solo and chamber repertoire for guitar, as well as conferences and concerts.

With each teacher it will be possible to tackle any page in the repertoire for guitar.


 10-14 July  

Analysis and interpretation laboratories: these are collective lessons in a small group for in-depth study of repertoire specific topics such as:

1) Johann Sebastian Bach: dances and movements from the Suites for lute

2) Mauro Giuliani and classical authors: studies and educational works

3) Fernando Sor: studies and short compositions

4) Heitor Villa-Lobos: preludes and studies

5) Manuel Maria Ponce: preludes.

The workshops will also be realized through a stimulating confrontation between students, as well as between students and teacher. Each actual student must present a passage related to the subject dealt with ( to be specified in the e-mail address ).

Teacher: Piera Dadomo, Tilman Hoppstock, Vincenzo Torricella

 11 July 9.30-11  

Yoga and breath dynamics: well-being and relaxation

(exercises aimed at the needs of guitarists)

teacher Rita Navone  

 10-14 July  


with Tilman Hoppstock  


Students can stay at the Bed and Breakfast in the area for the price between 25 and 30 euros – depending on the capacity of the rooms – including bed and breakfast ; moreover, there are agreements with local restaurants for 12 euros per meal .

For under-age students, the constant presence of at least one adult reference figure is guaranteed.


The following “packages” offer different possibilities, depending on the needs of each:


Analysis and interpretation laboratories

Docenti: Piera Dadomo, Tilman Hoppstock, Vincenzo Torricella

Periodo: 10-14 July

Single laboratory(to be specified in the registration e-mail)

for students already enrolled in another course              25 euro

for non-enrolled                                                             35 euro  

hearers                                                                           10 euro


Lesson: Yoga and breath dynamics: wellness and relaxation

(exercises aimed at the needs of guitarists)

Teacher: Rita Navone

Periodo: 11 July h 9.30-11.00

for students already enrolled in another course              20 euro

for non-enrolled                                                              30 euro  


Masterclass with Tilman Hoppstock:

1)  group lesson

for students already enrolled in another course            75 euro

for non-enrolled                                                            100 euro 

2)  individual lessons

for students already enrolled in another course             150 euro

for non-enrolled                                                              160 euro


1 individual lessons (Teacher Piera Dadomo, Vincenzo Torricella)

+ 3 chamber music lessons                                      90euro*


2 individual lessons (docenti Piera Dadomo, Vincenzo Torricella)

+ 3 chamber music lessons                                     130 euro*

(* if you do not intend to attend chamber music lessons, the cost will be 20 euros less)


3 chamber music lessons with soprano:

soprano and guitar ensemble                                      50 euro

soprano and 1 or 2 guitars                                                80 euro

The subscription , to be done via email at leanimedellachitarra@gmail.com by June 9, 2019 , involves paying a membership fee of 20 euros non-refundable to be paid to the Association Luigi Illica of Castell’Arquato (PC): please indicate as the reason for the payment the registration to the guitar Masterclass.

The IBAN code of the Association is as follows: IT68D0623065250000030428742. </ Strong>

We recommend urgently communicating via email the chosen lesson package (with the corresponding letter), specifying the name or names of the teachers with whom you are interested in working / in the case choose the packages E, F, G), at the following address, useful to receive any further information on the course and to agree on any unforeseen need:


Only for urgent matters, you can contact the following telephone numbers: +39 328 4283641 / +39 338 6078817.

Tilman Hoppstock

Tilman Hoppstock

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Vincenzo Torricella

Vincenzo Torricella

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Piera Dadomo

Piera Dadomo

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